Salaat timing in a plane


1. How will one calculate the
salaah time if one is travelling on plane and which salaah time should be
followed ?


2. If one
boarded before Esha n wants to read Esha on the plane which times  place
he should follow if  its fajr at the time the plane is passing over a
another country? 

Overtime in Ramadhān

When we have the opportunity to do overtime at work and earn time and a half or double pay, we ensure we do not miss out on the additional income. In Ramadhān, a fardh action is worth seventy times its value and a nafl action is worth the same as a fardh action on a normal day. Despite the huge increase in rewards, we do not find the zeal to do anything extra for our ākhirah; in stark contrast to our readiness to do overtime for financial gain.


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