Overtime in Ramadhān

When we have the opportunity to do overtime at work and earn time and a half or double pay, we ensure we do not miss out on the additional income. In Ramadhān, a fardh action is worth seventy times its value and a nafl action is worth the same as a fardh action on a normal day. Despite the huge increase in rewards, we do not find the zeal to do anything extra for our ākhirah; in stark contrast to our readiness to do overtime for financial gain.

The last ten days of Ramadhān are the cream of Ramadhān. Make the most of them. Value every moment; for who knows, you may not be here next year. In order to make these days more productive follow these simple advices:

  • Perform as much 'ibādah as possible.
  • Spend as much time in the masjid as possible.
  • Avoid every sinful activity. A large tank full of milk with a few drops of urine or alcohol mixed in is completely useless. Similarly, a tank full of 'ibādah mixed with a few "drops" of sin will have no value.
  • Stay away from the internet. Many people use the internet with good intentions and for good reasons, and end up on sites that cause them to sin. We move from site to site without even realising that we are committing sins. For example, how often do we see an image of a non-mahram on the internet? Even that is a sin. Furthermore, the internet is such a "time waster" that we log on for only a few minutes, but hours pass by without us even realising.
  • E-mails can also waste time. Stay away from answering unnecessary e-mails; they can wait until after Ramadhān.
  • Try to minimise mixing with people.