Support Darul Uloom Azaadville

With the fadal (mercy) of Allah Ta’ala and the generous regular donations of well-wishers, the Madrasah is able to meet its financial commitments. Every rand, dollar, pound spent in Allah’s way yields immense rewards for the donor. When a person spends for the course of Islamic knowledge, the reward increases many fold. These students will qualify as Huffaz, Qurra and Ulama, thereafter they will propagate the Deen in their respective countries from which they hail. All the reward of this will accrue to the donors. Every Rand spent in Allah’s Ta’ala way will yield great returns in the form of perpetual reward for the donor as well as his family and associates.

The aim of the Madrasah together with the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala is to impart Deeni knowledge to its students. These students in turn serve the Deen in their areas around the world. In this way, the Deen of Allah Ta’ala flourishes. Darul Ulum Deoband began with humble beginnings under a tree. Those people who contributed the basic “paisa” (few cents) to Darul Ulum Deoband initially, definitely have received and will continue receiving great reward from Allah Ta’ala. By contributing to the Madrasah, the donor secures for himself/herself a share in the reward of the Deeni service rendered by the qualifying student. Remember, for the cause of Deen, no amount is too small. Allah Ta’ala rewards according to the sincerity of the donor. The Madrasah accepts Lillah as well as Zakat funds. Monies may be handed in personally or by EFT or by direct bank deposits. Please do email or fax a copy of the deposit receipt.

Darul Uloom Bank Account details are:

Standard Bank (of South Africa)

Account Name: Madrasah Arabia Islamia

Account No: 021492123

Branch: Key West

Branch Code: 015841

Swift Code: sbzazajj

Iban No. 015841