Will a patient in hospital make Qadha of Qasr or full Salaat?


Covid patients from our town travel to Millpark for treatment. Many are aware that they will be admitted into hospital. Their duration of stay in hospital is unknown. Many of these patients miss Salaat whilst in hospital and hence are required to make Qadha. When making Qadha, are they required to make Qadha of Qasr or the full Salaat? 


Validity of Salaat before its time while bedridden


I was
bedridden and in hospital after a spinal operation for 2 months. During this
period of time , Someone use to help me make tayamum and i use to perform
salah. The problem was that visiting hours were from 2pm to 4pm , so I use to
read zuhar salah at it's prescribed time and asr before it's time.

- I'd like to inquire if i need to make qaza of those asr salah ?

During this visiting hours i also uae to make qaza of fajir

Qadha of Sunnah Salaat


Is a person required to make Qadha for his missed Sunnah Salaat? If not, what is the meaning of the Ibaarat in Fataawa Hindiyyah Vol. 1 Pg. 121? 

A person is not required to make Qadhā of his missed Sunnah Salāh. (Kitaabun Nawaazil Vol. 4 Pg. 531) 

The meaning of the following ‘Ibārah mentioned in Fatāwa Hindiyyah:
والقضاء فَرض فَي اَلفرض وَواجب فَي اَلواجب وََسنة فَي اَلسنة 

Joining Niyyah for Qadh fast and Nafl fast


If i keep a Qadha fast and fast that I plan on keeping as a means of sacrifice for Allah Taáala to help me in getting good marks, will it be fine?


A Qadha fast is kept in place of a fast that was missed during the month of Ramadaan or in place of a Nafl fast that was commenced but one was unable to complete it for some reason. A Qadha fast is thus kept purely for the sake of Allah, with the objective of covering up for the missed fast.

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