Commencing the fourth Rak'at in Maghrib Salaat


A person in magrib fardh went into a fourth rakaat , in ruku he realized his mistake and sat in athiyaat, made sajda sahw and completed his salaah

Is the salaah valid or must the  three rakaats fardh of magrib be repeated? 


His Salaah is valid and there is no need to repeat the Salaah.

- - -بلکہ اگر الحمد اور سورت بھی پڑھ چکی ہو یا رکوع بھی کر چکی ہو تب بھی بیٹھ جاوے اور التحیات پڑھ کر سجدہ سہو کر - - -بہشتی زیور ص --- --- ۱۵۱ حصہ دوم

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