Commencing one's fast a day later in another country


If a person traveled in Ramadhan from a country which has 30 days Ramadhan to a country which has 29 days. And he didn’t fast one day in which he was travelling, does he have to keep Qadha of that fast? He has already fasted 29 days and the country which he’s doing Eid in also has 29 days. The eid is on the same day in both countries because the country with 30 days Ramadhan started one day earlier.


Wasiyah for inheritor, Fidyah for Salaat and fast, distribution of estate


I have a
question regarding inheritance and quad salah fidya that need clarification.

Before my mum passed away she told my eldest sister to give her car to my
younger sister after my mum’s demise. We are a total of 5 children i.e. 4
sisters and one brother.

After my mum's passing my elder sister told us that my mum told her to give her
motor vehicle to one of my younger sisters.

As the days passed the same sister to whom the car was supposed to go to said

Joining Niyyah for Qadh fast and Nafl fast


If i keep a Qadha fast and fast that I plan on keeping as a means of sacrifice for Allah Taáala to help me in getting good marks, will it be fine?


A Qadha fast is kept in place of a fast that was missed during the month of Ramadaan or in place of a Nafl fast that was commenced but one was unable to complete it for some reason. A Qadha fast is thus kept purely for the sake of Allah, with the objective of covering up for the missed fast.

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