Halaal ffod in hospice


Consumption of Food

According to Madhhab: 





A Muslim
mother of 4 children is in hospital with TB. Her condition is very bad and
still coughs very badly.

hospital has informed the family that they need to discharge her and she needs
to be cared for at home. The patient is weak and is wearing adult

informed the hospital that there is no one to care for her at home, as the one
sister goes to work, the other sister is disabled.

The muslim
community does have a place BUT the patient is too ill and will infect the
other people in the frail care center, and even if taken home will infect her

hospital in the mean time has transferred her to a non muslim hospice. 

What is the
Shari ruling, as the patient will be fed non halaal food. (no pork is served at
this hospice)

The muslim
community can take food but is not assured that it will be given to the

halaal food
will be taken at visiting hours, but thats only on weekends.


Shariah has only permitted one to consume Haraam in a case of dire necessity
where one is stranded in some area and unable to source any Halaal food
whatsoever, and due to not consuming the Haraam food available there is a fear
of him losing his life. Even in this case, the person in desperation is only
permitted to eat to the extent that his life is spared, and not to derive any
sort of enjoyment.

the queried scenario, the need to feed the patient Haraam does not exist.
Arrangements could be made with the superintendent at the hospice that Halaal
food will be made available to the patient and one of the community members
will attend to the feeding of the patient. By doing so, there will remain no doubt
that the patient has been fed with the Halaal food provided. 

member of the community or family members could attend to this task, or a
number of members from the community could share the responsibility, so that the
task does not become burdensome upon some. If this plan of action does not
materialize, then a Muslim assistant should be hired by the family to attend to
this particular need of the patient, but the patient should under no
circumstances be fed Haraam food. One alternative is to request vegetarian food
from the hospice.

alternative is to move the patient to another hospice in the country where 100%
Halaal food is provided without any doubt. 

And allah ta’ala knows best

ANSWERED BY: Mufti Mohammed Desai 

 Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B
Date:-  28 Jumadal Ula 1440 - English Date: 04 February 2019