Distributing interest money, money accrued from aninvestment, and old clothes to heirs


1) There
was some interest monies in the bank accounts of the deceased. Does that become
part of her estate when distributing the shares? There is one minor amongst the
heirs.  What happens to the interest monies that accrues in her account
after her demise till we close the accounts and distribute? 

Manner of structuring an investment in property


bought a house. He started renevotions but due to lack of funds cannot complete
the project. The project anticipates 1 or 2 additional units that can generate
extra income. Ismaaeel  has money and wants to INVEST in this project by
financing the rest of it. The project requires about R100 000 to reach
completion. What is the Shariah way of structuring such an investment? 
How will this work? 

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