Fidyah for missed fasts


1. A family member passed away a few years ago and Fidyah of the missed fasts was not discharged.
Is it permissible to discharge the Fidyah by giving foodstuff from the shop, eg. tin foods, biscuits, cakes or any other item from the shop, eg. washing powder?

2. When calculating the amount do i consider the day the fast/Salaat was missed or the day of demise or the day i am discharging the Fidyah?


Not fasting due to Safr

A person undertakes a Shari’ee journey after commencing his fast, however, he is unable to continue fasting due to the nature of the journey. Is this a valid reason to break the fast?
If a person will experience difficulty by continuing with the fast, he may break the fast.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.221 vol.15

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