Container of a deceased person found after his demise


My father passed away a few years ago. I have very recently found a container that belonged to him which was hidden away somewhere. It mainly contained money. I have separated the money into two categories:

1. Monies which belonged to my grandfather's or grandmother's estate - I have deduced this from notes/letters left behind.

2. Monies which I feel belonged to my father - However, I cannot say this with absolute conviction or verify accordingly due to there being no notes/letters attached to it.

Distribution of estate: Father, Mother, 2 sisters, 3 brothers


A lady passed away leaving R 250000 in the bank account. Her heirs are her parents ,two sisters and three brothees, no husband, no children

How will the estate be distributed? 


Disclaimer: Any changes in the heirs will bring about changes in the distribution.

After discharging the burial expenses, debts (if any), and execution of the Wasiyyah/bequest from 1/3 of the estate (if any), the estate will be divided into 6 portions as follows:

Distribution of estate


A person passed away and left behind the following: 






Brother 1             

Brother 2 

Distributing interest money, money accrued from aninvestment, and old clothes to heirs


1) There
was some interest monies in the bank accounts of the deceased. Does that become
part of her estate when distributing the shares? There is one minor amongst the
heirs.  What happens to the interest monies that accrues in her account
after her demise till we close the accounts and distribute? 


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