Using funds collected for another Masjid


A Masjid committee responsible for running and maintaining a Masjid and Madrassah collects lillah money for the Masjid and running costs of the Madrassah. The Madrassah classes are held on other premises which is not under the care of this committee. However, this second premises is also a Masjid run privately. The trustees of the 2nd Masjid do not charge the Madrassah a rental fee.

Commencing one's fast a day later in another country


If a person traveled in Ramadhan from a country which has 30 days Ramadhan to a country which has 29 days. And he didn’t fast one day in which he was travelling, does he have to keep Qadha of that fast? He has already fasted 29 days and the country which he’s doing Eid in also has 29 days. The eid is on the same day in both countries because the country with 30 days Ramadhan started one day earlier.


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