Why Aren't There Any Great Ulema Produced as in the Past

An Alim has written, “Why aren’t such great Ulema produced as in the past?” Alhamdulillah, there are Ulema with great qualities being produced once again in this day and age. The standard of Hifz has also increased greatly. It seems as though that which was present amongst our Buzurgs is becoming alive once again.

Anyway, a senior Alim has written that we cannot produce Ulema like the past as the current Ulema are after university degrees. This is quite common in other countries, but is now starting in our country as well. The objective behind the university degree is to simply get a better job. Many Aalims go to study so that they are able to get a job and earn a salary. This is an incorrect intention. The intention of acquiring Deeni knowledge should be solely to serve the Deen of Allah Ta’ala for the pleasure of Allah.

We haven’t recognised Allah Ta’ala as He ought to be recognised. Allah Ta’ala feeds every living creature on the surface of the earth. The Quraan states, “There isn’t any creature that crawls on the surface of the earth except that its sustenance is upon Allah Ta’ala.” You are serving Deen and you fear that Allah Ta’ala won’t take care of you. It is impossible! We are thus studying with an incorrect intention, that is, to earn a living.

Maulana Yusuf Ludhyanwi (RA) has mentioned, “Many of his colleagues that graduated with him furthered their studies at university level and they passed quite easily.” The university certificate was then used to acquire government jobs, whereas he continued with his Mutala’a after studying. The friends invited him to join them, but he excused himself until one day when he was asked his reason for not joining. He said that he was unable to afford the fees so one particular friend volunteered to pay the fees. He then said, “This was just an excuse, as I didn’t want to get involved in any argument, I have much more important work to do. If the university tells me just to come to the examination hall, and without answering a single question I will be given first position, then too I am not prepared to do so.” Maulana Ludyanwi Saheb (RA) then shined out in the world, and Allah Ta’ala had accepted him for great Khidmaat of Deen.

This is the desire that we should have within us. Unfortunately, today many of the senior Ulema encourage their younger ones to attend university. We have the Quraan Sharif, which is the most superior Kitaab, the words of Almighty Allah. If a person regards anything superior to the Quraan, then he has committed a great injustice to the Quraan Sharif. Therefore, we who possess the greatest Kitaab in the world should not waste our time after university degrees.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us the understanding!

(Malfooz of Hazrat Moulana Abdul Hamid Saheb DB)