Returning from Hajj without performing Tawaaf Ziyaarat


A lady performed Hajj, but returned without performing Tawaaf Ziyaarat. What is the ruling with regard to Damm and rectifying her error? How should she rectify her error? 


If a person omits Tawaaf-e-Ziyaaret then intimacy with his spouse will not be permitted throughout his life. As for a woman, her Ihraam will remain and she will have to make Tawaaf in the same Ihraam. Paying some sort of compensation (in lieu of omitting the Tawaaf) will not suffice.

Haidh occurring during Hajj, Tawaaf Ziyaarat


1. In the
event of breakthrough bleeding during the days of Hajj or Tawaaf Ziyaarah, what
do I do? I am taking a contraceptive pill to avoid my menstrual cycle but
there's no guarantee. What do I do about Tawaaf Ziyaarah as I leave 3 days
after Hajj back for home.

2. If a
Damm is due for a Fardh of Hajj like Tawaaf Ziyaarat then must it be done in
the same year in the city of Makkah?

Delaying Hajj due to breastfeeding


Our names (My wife and
I) have come up on the accredited Hajj list this year. We have a breastfeeding
baby who will be approximately 14 months old at the time of Hajj this year

We would prefer for
her to be breastfed full term, for the health benefits etc.

Does the need of the
child take preference over Hajj? Or does Hajj take preference over the need of
the child?

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