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1 Taking a Ghusl after conducting an internal Wed 16 Sep 2015

Is it necessary for a woman to take Ghusl after visiting a gynaecologist that has conducted an internal?

By conducting an internal Ghusl does not become obligatory.

2 One remembers having a wet dream but there isn't any wetness Wed 16 Sep 2015

If a person remembers a wet dream but finds no wetness, will Ghusl be compulsory?

Ghusl will not be compulsory.

3 Does emission of semen necessitate Ghusl Fri 20 May 2016

I experience evil thoughts and thereafter find a particular type of discharge that has emitted. Does such a discharge necessitate Ghusl or only Wudhu?
1.The first type of discharge is ‘semen’ which is referred to as ‘Mani’ in the terminology of Fuqaha. This is a white thick fluid that is discharged at the time of ejaculation or at the time of nocturnal
2. The second type is ‘pre-coital fluid’ which is referred to as ‘Mazi’ in the terminology of Fuqaha. This is a white, thin, sticky fluid that is released when a man is aroused either during foreplay with

4 Ghusl remaining incomplete Sun 09 Sep 2018


If ever you made Ghusl, and UNKNOWINGLY you didn't wash a certain part properly or a few strands of your hair was left dry then obviously your Salaah wouldn't be accepted. I want to know that, would you still be punished because you didn't know and with long, thick hair its so difficult to wash. Therefore, would you still be punished if you thought you did your Ghusl properly but actually you didn't?


5 Pig skin leather Thu 13 Sep 2018


How does one identify pig skin leather as it is not permissible to use.


terms of Sharī’ah, it is impermissible to use any such item that is made from pig skin.

6 Masah on socks Wed 17 Oct 2018


At the place I read salaah too much jik is used on the floor so my toes are reacting, I have sensitive skin.

The darul ifta azadvil advised me to get leather socks.

However I had doubt urine was on the leather sock so I washed it, after whudu I opened the leather sock and my cottom sock underneath was slightly wet, I returned to the shop.

The shop keeper said water would enter by the zip and stiches on the bottom so he cannot replace the leather sock since a new one would give me the same problem namely water would enter from the zip.

7 Doubts with regard to impurities Wed 17 Oct 2018


8 Wudhu being nullified by sleeping on a chair Sat 02 Mar 2019


if a person sleeps sitting in a car, leaning against the seat, what will be the state of his Wudhu? Will a reclining plane seat be the same? 

If a person whilst reclining against something falls asleep then there can be one of two scenarios;
The first scenario is that he sleeps with his butt remaining on the ground/chair. In this particular scenario there are two views according to the Ahnaaf;
9 Ruling pertaining to a person carrying a urine bag Sat 02 Mar 2019


My friend’s mama was
diagnosed with bowel cancer and had surgery last week. What they did was they
redirected the intestine so that the waste does not leave his body via the
normal exit but instead via his stomach into a bag. This bag will be with him
possibly for the rest of his life. All wind and stools will pass via the stoma
into the attached bag(he'll have no control over when & how often). He had
an ileostomy where the small bowel (small intestine) is diverted through an

10 Ghusl to anewborn child Sat 02 Mar 2019


when a baby is born
before giving the azaan should the baby be given just a normal bath or ghusl if
a ghusl what method should be used .
11 Girl reciting Qur'an for memorisation during Haidh Mon 04 Mar 2019


Is it permissible for a girl memorising Qur'an Sharif to continue with Dhor whilst experiencing her menstrual cycle? if not, is there any other alternative? Can she listen to Qur'an being recited on a recording? 

12 Continuous female discharge Mon 04 Mar 2019


if a woman
experiences discharge all the time would she need to make a new wudhu at the start of each Salaah also would she need to change the underwear? 
13 Wet dreams Tue 05 Mar 2019


If one has a wet
dream and nothing comes out then does one need to have a gusl bath similarly if
maybe during the day that one or two drops comes out then should one have a
14 Dental veneers Wed 06 Mar 2019


Are teeth vaneer
permitted in islam for cosmetic purposes?

The concern that i have is will wudu and gusal be valid with these tooth

15 Female discharge Wed 06 Mar 2019


If a woman's
discharge is genrally slightly yellow throughout the month, will she regard
herself as paak at the end of her haidh when she sees this discharge? 
16 Protecting Ihraam from urine drops Thu 07 Mar 2019


I am madhoor from
urine drops

Insha Allah i will be
performing umrah. 

I usually put a tissue
in my underwear to prevent my clothes getting soiled and change it before

During umrah i cant
wear underpants so what can be done or what is the ruling because my urine
drops will soil the ihram? 

17 writing and touching the Qur'an during Haidh Tue 17 Sep 2019


Is it lawful for
females studying Qur'aan to handle the Kitaab: Qur'aan made Easy during Haidh?
What about writing words of Qur'aan?


18 Tayammum with sand, painted surfaces, using part of the hand Tue 17 Sep 2019


When doing Tayammum,
is it permisssble to remove ALL of the soil when dusting your hands before
wiping or do we need to leave a small amount on the hands? If we need to leave
some amount, how much amount?

Can we do Tayammum
with bricks that have paint and cement on them?

19 water reaching the skin under the beard Wed 02 Oct 2019


would like to know regarding Fardh Ghusl; how can a person really be sure/ be
20 Khuff opening up Wed 02 Oct 2019


21 Ghusl of the deceased Wed 02 Oct 2019


I am part
of my local burial committee and want to know if the following method of Ghusal
for the Mayat is correct. I placed a ??? on things that some of our members do
but I don’t think it is correct

Ghusal for a Male Adult

Place the body on the table

Remove the clothes

???Wash the hands of the Mayat

???Rinse the entire body once

Lift the body 3 times and press the stomach

22 Masah on boots, Conditions for a Khuff Wed 02 Oct 2019


Is Masah on
long boots that cover the ankles permissible if not why?

What are the conditions for something to be classified as a Khuf or Jowrab? 


23 Factors that necessitate Ghusl Sat 05 Oct 2019


would like to know regarding the following:

24 Removing impurities from one's skin Sat 05 Oct 2019


explain in detail how to purify impurity from ones skin.

25 Menses cycle Mon 07 Oct 2019


A woman has her habitual monthly cycle from the 16th of the
month to the 20th. 

In June she bled from the 16th to the 20th. 

In July the bleeding started on the 11th and has not stopped
up to now, the 15th of August. 

What (which days/dates) will be considered as her haidh
period for July and August?

26 Ghusl due to inserting dilators Mon 07 Oct 2019


I have been
told by the doctors to use vaginal dilators after having surgery to open my
hymen. I was referred for an examination under anesthetic as it was painful for
anything to penetrate, so intercourse had become impossible. After surgery I
found out my hymen had not broken so the surgeons slit it for which reason I
now have to use vaginal dilators to help stretch the hymen to make