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1 Visiting a Non-Muslim neighbour Wed 18 Mar 2015

Is it permissible to assist and visit one’s non-Muslim neighbour when he is ill? Can one make Dua for his well being and good health?

Doing so indicates towards the lofty character of a person when a person doesn’t have any worldly motive behind such a visit. One may make Dua for the health of the neighbour that Allah Ta'ala grants him Hidaayat.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.191 vol.28

2 Usurping rights of others Wed 18 Mar 2015

I had stolen some goods from a particular store many years ago. The store has closed down. How can I compensate for my action?

3 Are In-laws regarded as Maharim Wed 25 Mar 2015

Are son-in-laws regarded as Maharim to their mother-in-laws? Are father-in-laws Maharim to their daughter-in-laws? What kind of a relationship should one share with in-laws?

In the Quraan Sharif Allah Ta'ala has clearly mentioned or defined those women with whom Nikah is not permissible. The verse of Surah Nisaa is quoted below,

4 Acquiring spirituality in one's home Wed 19 Sep 2018


We are currently living in an area with very limited access to Islamic activities (which is altogether very difficult to find in Germany), also amongst our contacts of Family and Friends, are most people with very little focus on ALLAH s.w.t and Aakhirah and thus having altogether very little spirituality and Noor.

5 child custody Wed 17 Oct 2018


I have a few questions pertaining to child custody after a divorce.
Would it be possible to assist me?
Question: After a divorce, who is entitled to custody of the children?

6 Relationship of khalas husband Wed 17 Oct 2018


I'd like to find out if my khalas husband passed away, is he still considered as family and should purdah still be made from him? Also regarding my grandmother, does he still fall under her mahram...


The way that you posed your question was a bit confusing, but our understanding of the question is that if your Khala passes away, will her husband still be regarded as family and what will his relation be to you and your (maternal) grandmother?