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1 Plastic Jewellery Wed 18 Mar 2015

Is it permissible for women to wear plastic jewellery?

It is permissible for women to wear jewellery made of plastic, glass, etc.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.31 vol.28

2 Jewellery for men Wed 18 Mar 2015

Are men permitted to wear gold, silver, copper, etc?

Men are only permitted to wear a ring made of silver which should not exceed one Mithqaal which is 4.374g in weight. They may not wear any other jewellery manufactured from other metals.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.37 vol.28

3 Wearing a watch Wed 18 Mar 2015

In which hand should one wear a watch?
One may wear the watch on any hand whether right or left. Yes, if it is the custom of a certain nation to wear the watch on a particular hand then one should not imitate them.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.47 vol.28

4 Current day perfumes Wed 18 Mar 2015

It is Sunnat for males to utilise Itr. Will it be correct to substitute the itr with perfumes. By using perfumes, will one have acted upon the Sunnat?

5 Hijaab Wed 18 Mar 2015

At what age should a girl adorn the Purda (i.e. cover the face)?

6 Domestic workers Wed 18 Mar 2015

Many homes have males helping with the domestic work. These helpers tidy up the houses, help with cleaning, washing dishes, etc. Is it permissible to employ such men who are left alone with the women in the home whilst the husbands are out at work?

7 Purda from brother-in-law Wed 18 Mar 2015

Is it necessary for a woman to observe Purda from her brother-in-law?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary that a woman observes Purda from her brother-in-law. Rasulullah g is reported to have said, “The brother-in-law is the brother of death.” There is a strong fear of Fitna if Purda is not observed. Purda should be observed from the brother-in-law whilst one’s husband is alive and even after death.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.97 vol.28

8 Salaam to one engaged in some Deeni activity Wed 18 Mar 2015

Is it permissible to make Salaam to a person that is busy reciting the Quraan Sharif or partaking of meals?
It is Makrooh to make Salaam to a person that is engaged in the recitation of the Quraan Sharif or partaking of meals. If someone makes Salaam at such an occasion then replying to such a Salaam is not Waajib. Similarly, it is not Waajib to reply to a person that greets whilst the Adhaan is being called, as reply to the Adhaan is Zikr and replying to someone whilst engaged in Zikrullah is not Waajib.

9 Shaking hands with the Kuffar Wed 18 Mar 2015

Is it permissible to shake hands and embrace the Kuffar?

10 Barber shaving beards for their clients Wed 18 Mar 2015

I am a barber. My Muslim clients compel me to shave off their beards. Is there any permissibility for shaving the beard?

It is not permissible to shave one’s beard. It is not permissible for you as a barber to shave the beards of your clients as well.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.367 vol.28

11 Is organ donation and transplant permissible? Wed 16 Sep 2015

The doctors have advised Zaid that his life can only be saved by undergoing an organ transplant. Bakr is on the verge of dying and his close family members have consented to donating Bakr’s heart so that Zaid’s life is saved. Will it be permissible to donate Bakr’s heart to Zaid?

12 Is it permissible to remove an extra finger on the hand? Wed 16 Sep 2015

Is it permissible for a person to remove an extra finger that is on his hand?

It is permissible to get the extra finger removed. It is not against the command of Allah Ta'ala but one will certainly experience pain in having it removed. One should therefore ascertain whether it is within one’s scope or not.

13 Seeking forgiveness from the person that you have back bited about Fri 05 Aug 2016

If one was involved in making Ghibat of another but is now remorseful over his actions then how should he make up?

14 Backbiting Fri 05 Aug 2016

Will speaking ill of an unknown person also fall in the category of Ghibat?

If one backbites regarding an unknown person then this will not regarded as Ghibah (backbiting).However Allama Shaami (R.A) has written, If a person says, Some of the people that have passed us today have involved in certain evil due to which the addressed person understands that a specific person is being referred to, then this will be regarded as Ghibah (backbiting).

15 Backbiting Fri 05 Aug 2016

If one speaks ill of the people of a certain country without taking the names of any individuals, will this fall in the category of backbiting?

If a person backbites about the people of a certain country or village such as saying “The people of Morocco are like this” this will not fall under the category of Ghibah (back biting) as he did not intend every individual of that country but he has intended some of them and these individuals are unknown.

16 Duáa for pious male offspring Thu 13 Sep 2018


I wanted to find out if there's any Duáa that can be read for having a healthy baby boy. I have 2 girls and I am expecting, I really desire for a boy.


17 Keeping dogs in the house Thu 13 Sep 2018


Are muslims allowed to keep dogs in their house?
Does this take away the barakath from the house?


It is impermissible for one to keep a dog on one’s property except for purposes of necessity. Necessity would cover keeping a watchdog in and around the perimeters of the house (for example, in the yard), in order to secure one’s home from robbery and theft or if one is a farmer, then in order to secure one’s crops and livestock from predators. In the same manner, one is allowed to keep a dog for hunting etc.

18 Video Calling Thu 20 Sep 2018


Is video calling permissible?

please explain with mentioning the reason.


19 The beard in Shariáh Tue 25 Sep 2018


What is the Sharíe ruling regarding the beard?

what constitutes a beard? Does it include the sideburns too, etc.? Could the extent and length of the beard be stated too.


20 Keeping the name Muáawiyah Wed 17 Oct 2018


Respected Mufti Saheb, please can you advise if it is suitable to keep the name Muawiyah for a boy?

Please also can you provide some background on Muawiyah Radi allahu anhu.


When it comes to picking a name for a child, the Asmā Ḥusnā' of Allāh, the names of Rasūl Allāh Ṣallallāh 'Alayh Wa Sallam, the names of the illustrious Ṣaḥābah Raḍi Allāh 'Unhum should be aspired towards.

21 cornea transplant Wed 17 Oct 2018


Can Mufti Sahib please assist with this question.

A brother has problems with his vision. He has been to various eye specialists / optometrists. He has not had success in treatment. Some have suggested that he go for a corneal transplant. Will this be permissible?


22 Remedy for headaches Wed 17 Oct 2018


Is there a dua that could be recited for continuous headaches , stress and anxiety. Or is there an amalI I could do?


You should recite verse 19 of Surah Waaqi’ah (Surah no. 56.) You may recite this verse thrice and blow on yourself. Insha’Allah the headache will disappear.

Also, keeping a piece of paper with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim written on it in the scarf (which covers the head) may prove beneficial Insha’Allah.

As for stress, anxiety or depression, excessive Istighfaar is extremely effective.

23 Practices to be carried out for a newborn child Mon 04 Mar 2019


I would like to find
out when a baby is born what should be done that would be within the shariah
and also the sunnah

24 Permissibility of dolls Mon 04 Mar 2019


I would like to know
what is the ruling with regards to children having dolls, How exactly should
the doll be in terms of permissibility with regards to facial feature? Also
many babies are given comfort toys to help them sleep better.. (many times it
is a teddy bear without any facial features) they become very attached to these
toys and can't fall off to sleep without it.. Would this kind of attachment be

25 Benefits of using an Aqeeq stone Tue 05 Mar 2019


Is there any
spiritual or worldly benefit in wearing as a ring, or carrying in the pocket,
an aqeeq (agate) gemstone?

26 Alcohol in cosmetics Tue 05 Mar 2019


I Wanted to ask if
cetostearyl alcohol is permissible to use in creams asking specifically for the
cream epimax. 

27 post-mortem Tue 05 Mar 2019


What is the ruling of post-mortem? In some circumstances, the government forces people to have a post-mortem done of the deceased to open a case. Will it be permissible to pay them not to do it? Will it be bribery? 

28 Leaving school to study Deen Wed 06 Mar 2019


I am a teenager girl
who is currently in gr 10 schooling in a mixed islamic school however I wish to
29 Women cutting hair, shaping eyebrows Wed 06 Mar 2019


Is it permissible for
a lady to trim her hair for health reasons (split ends, hair fall etc)?

Also Mufti Saheb is it
permissible to clean ones eyebrows (not shape) ?

And also is it
permissible to remove the hair between ones eyebrows (nose, forehead)? 


30 Punishment for trimming hair and eyebrows Wed 06 Mar 2019


My students want to
know what's the punishment for cleaning the eyebrows and cutting hair... Please can mufti Saheb
explain further...


31 Artificial flowers Wed 06 Mar 2019


Is one allowed to keep artificial flowers in one's home for decorative purposes and can it be used on cakes, etc. for decoration? 

It will be permissible for one to keep artificial flowers or use them for decorating purposes, however it should be borne in mind that one should not go over the limits in doing so as is prevalent these days. This leads to being extravagant which is not permissible. 

32 Food Colour E120 Thu 07 Mar 2019


i have question
regarding food color which name as E120 and some time it is written as
cochineal which is comes from type of Bug which live on cactus lives, so are
33 Cutting hair in two lengths Thu 07 Mar 2019


What is the ruling of cutting two lengths with regard to hair? 

34 Digital photography Thu 07 Mar 2019


What is the ruling on digital photography? 

The making of animate pictures (without any necessity-such as the necessity of passport photos, for example) in in any way, be it by digital means, or whatever means, is Haraam. It is permissible however, to make pictures of non-animate things, such as trees and mountains etc.

35 Acapella Thu 07 Mar 2019


Is listening to Acapella permissible? Many so called Nasheed artists use it, and claim it is permissible based on the fact that no musical instruments are used. 

36 Classifying prawns as Haraam Thu 07 Mar 2019


If the basis for prawns being Haraam is the scientists of the past, once we come to know that those scientists are wrong, can prawns still be classified as Haraam? 

37 Slaughtering a dying a cat Thu 07 Mar 2019


A cat has fallen and is badly injured. The body is half paralised and it is coughing uot blood. Would it be better to slaughter it or to leave it as it is? If it is left as is it seems it would suffer to death. 

In the queried scenario it is preferable slaughter the cat. (Fataawa Hindiyyah Vol. 5 Pg. 361) 

38 Using scissor to cut one's hair Tue 17 Sep 2019


Is it permissible for
one to trim/cut one’s hair using a scissor rather than a machine? This question
is based on the condition that one asks a barber to use a scissor throughout
and not make the top long and bottom short.


39 Taweez for child Wed 02 Oct 2019


am a mother of a 10 month old baby.

40 Du'aa for examination Wed 02 Oct 2019


husband is trying for a new job for which he had to give an exam, however he
41 Clapping and playing the Duff Wed 02 Oct 2019


is the ruling of clapping and the duff in Islaam?

42 Shaving off all the hair Wed 02 Oct 2019


it permissible to completely shave off all the hair of the head, for men? (Not
43 Women's collective Du'aa for Janaazah Wed 02 Oct 2019


Can a woman make Du'aa after the bier of the Marhoomah is lifted (not Fatihah, just Du'aa) in a gathering of women? 

There is no basis for such a congregational Dua in Shariah thus such a practice should be discarded.

44 Writing Allah's Ta'aala name on edible items Wed 02 Oct 2019


Is it
possible to write words which contain Allah's names as decoration on edible
items. For example, 'JazakhAllahu Khairan' on cakes / biscuits intended as
gifts to teachers?


45 Donating blood, donating organs, blood transfusion Sat 05 Oct 2019


1)Is it
permissible to donate blood?

2)Can one
donate organs


•Make a
wasiyyat to donate when one passes away

46 Participating in funerals of non-Muslims Sat 05 Oct 2019


Is it permissible to attend the funeral of a non Muslim i.e. the actual burial
at the cemetery?

47 Growing hair using medication and transplants Sat 05 Oct 2019


people have no hair all around their head maybe a few hairs so to use medicine
48 Website to diagnose depression Sat 05 Oct 2019


it permissible to design a website to help people to diagnose depression and is
it islamically suitable?

49 Males wearing 2 rings Sat 05 Oct 2019


What is the
mas'ala regarding males wearing a ring or wearing more than one ring that
together amounts to less than a mithqaal


Wearing two rings and each ring on it's own are less than a mithqaal but
together are more than a mithqaal ? 


50 Building toilets facing slightly away from Qiblah Sat 05 Oct 2019


it be permissible for a person to build a house with the toilet slightly facing