Q&A Library for Masjid Matters

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1 One Masjid loaning funds to another Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

A certain Masjid in our locality is running short of funds. Can the funds of one Masjid be used to meet the expenses of the Masjid in question, or can a loan be given to that Masjid?

With the mutual consultation of the Masjid trustees the Waqf funds of one institute may be loaned to another (Waqf) institute at a time of need. However, it is necessary that the loan amount is paid back. This ruling applies in a situation when there is a common board of trustees controlling the affairs of all the Masajid in a particular area.

2 Reciting poetry in the Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

Is it permissible to recite any Naat (poetry in the praises of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the Masjid?
Yes, poetry in praises of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam may be recited on condition that it is not recited in chorus, the contents are correct, and there isn’t any form of evil or corrupt beliefs included in the poetry.

3 Non-Muslim entering the Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

If a non-Muslim enters the Masjid and it is not known whether he is Paak or not, will his entering be permitted? Will the people of the Masjid be sinful?
A non-Muslim is permitted to enter the Masjid as long there is some benefit or valid reason for him entering and there isn’t any indication that the person is Napaak nor is there any other harm. The people of the Masjid will not be sinful.

4 Extra items at a Masjid and selling a donated building to purchase another Tue 25 Sep 2018


In the course of uplifting and improving the decor and acoustics of a Masjid , certain items such as light fittings , fans , clocks, chairs etc that were previously donated or purchased with Lillah funds are replaced . What should be done with such items ? Does it have to be utilised elsewhere in the very Masjid ? Can it be utilized elsewhere in the Centre as we have a school and catering facilities etc that form part of the Centre and are located on the same premises .Can it be given to other Masaajid or organizations ?