Q&A Library for Masjid Matters

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1 One Masjid loaning funds to another Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

A certain Masjid in our locality is running short of funds. Can the funds of one Masjid be used to meet the expenses of the Masjid in question, or can a loan be given to that Masjid?

With the mutual consultation of the Masjid trustees the Waqf funds of one institute may be loaned to another (Waqf) institute at a time of need. However, it is necessary that the loan amount is paid back. This ruling applies in a situation when there is a common board of trustees controlling the affairs of all the Masajid in a particular area.

2 Reciting poetry in the Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

Is it permissible to recite any Naat (poetry in the praises of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the Masjid?
Yes, poetry in praises of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam may be recited on condition that it is not recited in chorus, the contents are correct, and there isn’t any form of evil or corrupt beliefs included in the poetry.

3 Non-Muslim entering the Masjid Wed 06 May 2015

If a non-Muslim enters the Masjid and it is not known whether he is Paak or not, will his entering be permitted? Will the people of the Masjid be sinful?
A non-Muslim is permitted to enter the Masjid as long there is some benefit or valid reason for him entering and there isn’t any indication that the person is Napaak nor is there any other harm. The people of the Masjid will not be sinful.

4 Extra items at a Masjid and selling a donated building to purchase another Tue 25 Sep 2018


In the course of uplifting and improving the decor and acoustics of a Masjid , certain items such as light fittings , fans , clocks, chairs etc that were previously donated or purchased with Lillah funds are replaced . What should be done with such items ? Does it have to be utilised elsewhere in the very Masjid ? Can it be utilized elsewhere in the Centre as we have a school and catering facilities etc that form part of the Centre and are located on the same premises .Can it be given to other Masaajid or organizations ?

5 Selling Waqf property Mon 04 Mar 2019


There is a property
which was given as waqf to the "jamaat" trustees... 

Unfortunately the
property could not be rented out for some time... 

As a result the
property is being vandalised and is costing the "jamaat" trustees
approximately 5000 rand for security... 

My question

6 Loud Thikr in the Masjid Tue 05 Mar 2019


Is loud halqah zikr
in the masjid bidah ? as it comes in a hadeeth in Sunan Daarmi as follows:

7 Relaying video of Bayaan to females Wed 06 Mar 2019


At our local masjid, a
Quran completion ceremony was taking place as a student became an Hafidh. The
organisers of the event catered for a sisters only Hall in the masjid so
sisters could attend too. The organisers also had a camera man who recorded all
the male Ulama that gave a Bayaan. This was broadcasted live to the sisters
Hall via a large screen.

Is it permissible to do this considering that sisters will be compelled to look
at a screen which has male non mahram on display?

8 Reserving a spot in the Masjid Wed 06 Mar 2019


What is the ruling of reserving a spot in the Masjid? 
9 Utilising Masjid room for administration Tue 17 Sep 2019


There was a space sat
the rear end of the Musjid. It was a space that led to the basement which is
also part of the Musjid and it is used for itikaaf every year. That space was
recently enclosed and so to say made into a room. It is part of musjid.

Can that be used as an
office? It will be used as an office relating to the general affairs of the

10 Disposing of old Masjid carpets Wed 18 Sep 2019


We recently
changed the musallaa carpets in the musjid because they were old. We had them
11 Naming a Masjid Jaami Masjid Tue 01 Oct 2019


Kindly advise, naming a new masjid "Jaami Masjid", Is there any criteria to name the masjid as such or is there any issue naming a Masjid by this name?


12 Waqf of a jointly owned property Wed 02 Oct 2019


zaid and amr own a house in partnership and zaid wants to make his 50 percent
13 Discarding broken tiles of the Masjid Mon 07 Oct 2019


A masjid
after construction has broken bricks and tiles that cannot be used. Some were
broken because of changing the toilet pans and cisterns and even good ones were
broken to match with the new tiles purchased. The masjid committee intends to
throw a way these  tiles. Can they discard of these  tiles?

14 Leasing a Waqf property for life at a fixed rental Mon 07 Oct 2019


A person makes Waqf of his property to the poor. He stipulates a particular Aalim as the trustee of the Waqf. They have a tenant and the trustee wants to fix the rental for this tenant for life. is such an arrangement acceptable? 

15 Hosting a golf tournament to raise funds Tue 29 Oct 2019


Mufti saheb, our jamaat is in a crises with regard to funds. The
community wants to host a golf day, raising funds for the jamaat, they say
that in another town it was done 3 years in a row, raising almost a million
rands every year.

Last year
the same thing was suggested, a few Aalims in the town said no.

Will it be

16 Using Madrasah property for school Tue 26 Nov 2019


An existing
waqf property 
serves as a
madrasah for the children in the afternoon, and adult Islamic classes in the
mornings, and the hall attached is used for jalsas.

A Muslim
school wants to use the premises, can they use it free of charge or must they pay

17 Closing a Masjid for renovation Wed 01 Jul 2020


A Masjid is currently being renovated. The area of the Masjid boundary is due for renovation next.

Can the entire boundary area of the Masjid be closed off and Salaat read in the Sahn, which is not included in the boundary? Or does some portion of the actual Masjid have to be left accessible so that Salaat can be performed in the actual Masjid?


18 Using interest funds in a Masjid Sun 05 Jul 2020


Can a person use interest money to buy Quran stands or fans for Masjid use? Where everyone who come to that Masjid will be able to take benefit from it.


Interest funds can not be used to buy Qur’aan stands or fans for Masjid use.

19 Using funds collected for another Masjid Tue 07 Jul 2020


A Masjid committee responsible for running and maintaining a Masjid and Madrassah collects lillah money for the Masjid and running costs of the Madrassah. The Madrassah classes are held on other premises which is not under the care of this committee. However, this second premises is also a Masjid run privately. The trustees of the 2nd Masjid do not charge the Madrassah a rental fee.

20 Plucking flowers from Masjid plants Sat 12 Sep 2020


Is it permissible to pluck leaves or flowers from a masjids garden without the permission of the عام or members of the masjid board ? If you do need permission will asking a board member of the masjid suffice ? 


If the leaves or flowers have no value then it is allowed but if they are worth even a minute amount then it must be bought from the masjid.iv