Q&A Library for Marriage & Divorce

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1 Talaaq under duress Wed 25 Mar 2015

A man is threatened with his life if he does not divorce his wife. In order to save his life he issues three divorces. Will these divorces be valid?

Even though the three divorces were issued verbally by him under duress, they are valid and the wife will now be regarded as a total stranger to the husband.

ويقع طلاق كل زوج اذا كن بالغا عاقلا سواء كان حرا او عبدا طائعا او مكرها كذا فى الجوهرة النيرة
فتاوي محموديه ص172 ج18

2 Marrying the second wife's daughter Wed 06 May 2015

Bakr has a son from his first wife who is now late. Bakr re-married after his first wife’s demise and has a daughter from his second wife. Can the son from the first wife marry his daughter who is from the second wife?
The boy and the girl are the children of the same father thus such a marriage will not be permitted.

3 Missing husband Wed 06 May 2015

A woman’s husband went missing and cannot be located in spite of searching for him. When is this woman permitted to remarry?

4 Fondling with one's daughter Fri 20 May 2016

If a man touches his daughter with desire, will his wife become Haraam upon him permanently?

Yes, if he had touched his daughter that has reached the age of puberty or is close to the age of puberty in such a manner that he was able to feel the heat of her body, and due to such an act
of touching, lust and desire was created within him or his existing desire had increased further, then his wife will become Haraam upon him. He should now end his marital relationship with his
wife by divorcing her. (Fatâwâ Mahmûdiyyâ p. 512 v.16)

5 Marrying a woman for a particular period of time Fri 20 May 2016

A man gets married to a woman for a stipulated period of time. Is such a Nikah valid in Sharî’ah?
Such a Nikah is termed as Nikah-e-Mut’aa. It is totally forbidden in Islam. The woman does not become Halaal for the man even though the Nikah may have been performed. The Shari’ee laws that
follow after the performance of a proper Shari’ee Nikah will not apply, such as a divorce taking place. None of the ‘so called’ spouses will inherit from the other in the case of either one passing
away. In short, there is no position for such a Nikah in our Deen.

6 Marrying one's x- son-in-law Fri 20 May 2016

Zainub got her daughter married to Zaid. The marriage didn’t materialise and ended up in divorce. Is it permissible for Zainub to marry her x- son in law?
It is not permissible for Zainub to marry her x-son in law. (Fatâwâ Mahmûdiyyâ p. 448 v.16

7 Missing husband Fri 20 May 2016

A man is missing since the past nine years. He whereabouts is not known. Can the wife re-marry in such a situation?
Such a woman should present her case before a Muslim judge stating, “So and so is my husband who is absent for so many years, he hasn’t left anyone responsible to take care of my financial
needs, nor does he send any funds, neither has he left behind any funds. I am in great difficulty and have a need to remarry.” The Muslim judge will then investigate the matter and try to locate

8 Statements of Talaaq using the future tense Thu 20 Sep 2018


A husband said to his wife in January 2018 if you go overseas to teach (she is a school teacher) I will divorce you. He said this twice. In August 2018 she went to teach in Dubai, what is the status of the nikah?


9 advice on remarriage whilst mother is upset Wed 17 Oct 2018


10 Delaying Walimah Wed 17 Oct 2018


Aslkm Mufti saab i wanted to ask a quick question. My brother-in-law wants to get married in December. The Nikah is kept on a Friday with Ruksati. They want to give a dawat for walima but due to availability of venue they keeping it after 3 to 4 days. Is it still counted as Walima or is it counted As just a Dawat not Walima.


11 ambiguous divorce Wed 17 Oct 2018


My husband and I had issues. My husband said something to this effect... "You can go and look for another husband"... these words were said to me on two separate occasions. On both occasions we patched up in a few days.

I want to know if talaaq fell?