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1 Method of calculating stock value in a deceased estate Mon 31 Aug 2015

If a partner in a retail business passes away, how should the stock be valued, at cost price, retail price or at the wholesale price?

2 Eating at the deceased person's house Wed 16 Sep 2015

Khalid has passed away leaving behind two sons that are Baaligh (i.e. reached the age of puberty) and two sons that haven’t yet reached the age of puberty. Before dissolving the estate will it be permissible for the Ulema and other luminaries to partake of meals at Khalid’s residence?

It is not permissible. Yes, if the Baaligh sons feed them from their personal funds there is no harm in doing so.

3 Illegitimate child inheriting from father after both accept Islam Thu 13 Sep 2018


My question is does an illegitimate child from non-Muslim parents inherit from his biological father when the illegitimate child and his biological father become Muslims?


4 Youngster drafting an Islamic Will Tue 25 Sep 2018


According to law of Shari'ah is it permissible for a 14 yr old person to make a will?


There is absolutely no harm in a 14 year old drafting out his/her Shari’ee Will.

In fact one is strongly encouraged and required to do so particularly if one owns assets, or has outstanding debts, or debtors are owing money to one, or one is Baaligh and has missed fasts and Salaah, etc. However, when drafting out the Will, one should refer to some learned scholar to ensure that the Will is drafted in accordance to Shari’ah.

5 Investing in the ETF Tue 25 Sep 2018


With the recent legalization of cannabis production in various countries there have a list of company’s involved in production of cannabis for medicinal and other purposes .

These companies have been listed on stock exchanges . There is exposure to this asset class in South Africa via exchange traded funds (“ETF”).

Would it be permissible from a sharia perspective to invest in such ETF’s.



6 Distribution of estate - wife, 3 sons, 4 daughters Wed 26 Sep 2018


Kindly advise on below inheritance issue:

Marhoom left behind wife, 3 sons and 4 daughters.

No will, nor any wasiyyat made (written)
Left cash , car and clothes, and house behind

7 Wasiyyat to step-daughter Wed 17 Oct 2018