Q&A Library for Hajj & Umrah

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1 A non-Haji performing Haj-e-Badl Mon 31 Aug 2015

If a person hasn’t performed his Fardh Haj can he perform Hajj-e-Badl on behalf of a deceased person?

It is Makrooh to do so.
Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.447 vol.15

2 Can a sick person appoint another to perform Haj on his behalf Mon 31 Aug 2015

Haj was Fardh on a particular person. He was ready to fulfil his obligation of Haj. However, before performing his Haj he was afflicted with illness. The doctors have said that it will be difficult for him to recover before 4 – 6 months. Can this person appoint another to perform Haj on his behalf?

3 Performing Haj with Haraam funds Mon 31 Aug 2015

Khalid has unjustly taken possession of Zaid’s land. If Khalid performs Haj will his Haj be accepted or not?

The sin of unjustly usurping the land of another is a separate sin but the obligation of Haj will be discharged. This means that the person will not receive any reward for peforming Haj. However, if one performed Haj with Haraam wealth, it will not be accepted.
Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.451 vol.15

4 Avoiding a menstrual cycle during Haj Mon 31 Aug 2015

If a woman undertakes a journey to perform her obligation of Haj, there is a possibility of her experiencing her menstrual cycle. Doctors have advised that she may utilise some medication to delay her menstrual cycle. Will it be permissible to use such medication?

5 Kissing the Hajar-e-Aswad Mon 31 Aug 2015

One person states that kissing the Hajr-e-Aswad on the occasion of Haj is not Sunnah, Waajib or Fardh. It is not mentioned in the Quraan Sharif, Hadith Sharif, nor is there any narration in this regard from the Sahaaba, in fact kissing the Hajr-e-Aswad is an innovation.

6 Dam-ash-Shukr slaughtered in a group Wed 17 Oct 2018


7 Purdah in Ihraam Tue 05 Mar 2019


Does a woman have to wear Purdah in Ihraam? 
If yes, then please explain how she would do so. 

8 Delaying Hajj due to breastfeeding Wed 06 Mar 2019


Our names (My wife and
I) have come up on the accredited Hajj list this year. We have a breastfeeding
baby who will be approximately 14 months old at the time of Hajj this year

We would prefer for
her to be breastfed full term, for the health benefits etc.

Does the need of the
child take preference over Hajj? Or does Hajj take preference over the need of
the child?

9 Delaying Hajj due to disabled child Tue 01 Oct 2019


10 Penalty for Niqaab touching the face Wed 02 Oct 2019


I want to
wear my niqaab as normal in ihraam. That will be for umrah upon entering Makkah
and then a second time Ihraam for the days of Hajj. I will not manage with
those caps that try to keep the niqaab away from the face. I find it too

I know that
there's a Damm penalty for niqaab in Ihraam for more than 12 hours.

11 Cutting one's own hair to come out of Ihraam Wed 02 Oct 2019


I cut my own hair to come out of Ihraam?

12 Haidh occurring during Hajj, Tawaaf Ziyaarat Wed 02 Oct 2019


1. In the
event of breakthrough bleeding during the days of Hajj or Tawaaf Ziyaarah, what
do I do? I am taking a contraceptive pill to avoid my menstrual cycle but
there's no guarantee. What do I do about Tawaaf Ziyaarah as I leave 3 days
after Hajj back for home.

2. If a
Damm is due for a Fardh of Hajj like Tawaaf Ziyaarat then must it be done in
the same year in the city of Makkah?

13 Ihraam for Sa'ee Sat 05 Oct 2019


If one
performs the saee of tawaaf ziyarat before the days of hajj, d
oes he
have to don the ihraam, o
r is that
saee valid without ihraam? 


14 where to don the Ihraam when travelling by flight Sat 05 Oct 2019


question is that If someone flying from UK for HAJJ.His flight is from UK
15 Penalty for beginning second Umrah before removing the hair after first Umrah Sat 23 Nov 2019


If one
performs umrah and thereafter without coming out of ihraam he performs another
umrah, h
e did not
make halaq after the first umrah.

Is there a


16 Compensating for Mistakes made during Umrah Wed 01 Jul 2020


I would like to ask a few questions regarding my Umrah:

1. Once when it was windy, the Ihram cloth blew on my face for a couple of seconds. My wife was wearing a cap, but her scarf also blew on her face 2/3 times for a few seconds and she pushed it back. Do we need to give penalty?

2. I am not sure but I THINK I MAY have applied soap to my finger tips. I have a habit of doing that before Wudhu but I’m not sure whether I actually did it or not. I’m just having doubts regarding it. Do I need to give penalty?

17 First glance at the Ka'bah, Isaaaluth Thawaab of Tawaaf, Shower during Ihraam Mon 06 Jul 2020


1. I have heard that Dua is accepted at the first glance of the Kabaah. Is this true?

2. Is it permissible to make tawaaf and make intention of esaal e sewaab for ones deceased parents?

3. When in Ihraam is it permissible to take off your Ihraam and take a shower, will this break ihraam?


18 Returning from Hajj without performing Tawaaf Ziyaarat Tue 07 Jul 2020


A lady performed Hajj, but returned without performing Tawaaf Ziyaarat. What is the ruling with regard to Damm and rectifying her error? How should she rectify her error? 


If a person omits Tawaaf-e-Ziyaaret then intimacy with his spouse will not be permitted throughout his life. As for a woman, her Ihraam will remain and she will have to make Tawaaf in the same Ihraam. Paying some sort of compensation (in lieu of omitting the Tawaaf) will not suffice.