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1 Dining in airport lounges that serve alcohol Fri 20 May 2016

Many of the airport lounges serve alcohol. Is it correct for a Muslim to frequent such lounges?
Rasulullah is reported to have said, “Whoever believes in Allah and the last day should not sit upon a table on which wine is circulated (served). If wine is openly served and people are consuming
in on the tables then we as believers should abstain from sitting in such an environment. If we have been afforded access to such lounges due to holding a first class ticket or business ticket then

2 Gelatine Sat 02 Mar 2019


Can you please advise
which gelatine is halaal and can be consumed 

3 Du'aa for increasing breast-milk Sat 02 Mar 2019


I have recently delivered
a baby, a month back.

However i am not producing adequate milk, due to which the baby has lost weight
instead of gaining.

4 Bone china dishware Mon 04 Mar 2019


Kindly advise if China Bone Dishware is allowed to be used. 

We assume you are questioning this particular dishware since ‘Bone China’ is a type of porcelain that is composed of bone ash. There is no harm or problem in utilising such dishware.
ولا بأس ببيع عظام الميتة وعصبها وصوفها وقرنها وشعرها ووبرها والانتفاع بذلك كله لانها طاهرة لا يحلها الموت لعدم الحياة )الهداية ص 55 ج 3 )
5 Halaal ffod in hospice Sat 09 Mar 2019


A Muslim
mother of 4 children is in hospital with TB. Her condition is very bad and
still coughs very badly.

hospital has informed the family that they need to discharge her and she needs
to be cared for at home. The patient is weak and is wearing adult

6 Alcohol in medicines Mon 11 Mar 2019


In some medicines I noticed that there is some alcohol in the ingredients. Is it permissible to use these medicines? 

7 Using utensils of non-Muslims Tue 17 Sep 2019


I have an
accommodation on rent . The utensils , pots & pans etc have been used by
tenants of all faiths .

8 Bovine Gelatine Wed 02 Oct 2019


advise if bovine gelatin sourced from cows that are slaughtered in an
UN-Islamic manner considered halal.
9 Hunting with a sharpened bullet Mon 25 Nov 2019


shooting a hunted animal with a pointed or sharpened bullet make the animal
Halaal without slaughtering?