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1 Visiting Aamils and fortune tellers Wed 18 Mar 2015

Many women frequent the Aamils, fortune tellers, etc. What is ruling in regards to such women?

One should keep distant from Ghair Maharim. Going to the fortune tellers and requesting them to inform you of the unseen are even dangerous. If there is a need to see an Aamil then one should visit him with one’s spouse or a Mahram brother, etc.
Re:- Fataawa Mahmoodiyya pg.285 vol.28

2 Saying a statement of Kufr Wed 19 Sep 2018


A Muslim sometimes struggles to start/begin his Namaaz and also struggles to complete his Namaaz/Salaat without breaking and restarting more than once.

So, before starting Namaaz/Salaat, the Muslim verbally says just the words or statements (below) with the intention and meaning in the heart and mind that he will become a kaafir if he doesnt start performing his Namaaz and/or also to prevent himself from breaking or breaking and restarting his Namaaz/Salaat:

3 Kufr of Shiah sects Thu 20 Sep 2018


From the following Shiah sects which of them can be considered Kaafir, or their beliefs considered as beliefs of Kufr?

1. Ghulat sect.
2. Zaydi Shiah sect.
3. Imaami or twelver Shiah sect.
4. Kaysaaniyyah.
5. Nusayriyyah.
6. Musta'liyah (Bohras).
7. Nizaariyyah (Agha Khanis)
8. Druze.


4 Saying a Kufriyyah statement Wed 17 Oct 2018


Could you please clearly say if the below has made the Muslim a kaafir or not kaafir?