Marrying a woman for a particular period of time


Marriage & Divorce

According to Madhhab: 


A man gets married to a woman for a stipulated period of time. Is such a Nikah valid in Sharî’ah?
Such a Nikah is termed as Nikah-e-Mut’aa. It is totally forbidden in Islam. The woman does not become Halaal for the man even though the Nikah may have been performed. The Shari’ee laws that
follow after the performance of a proper Shari’ee Nikah will not apply, such as a divorce taking place. None of the ‘so called’ spouses will inherit from the other in the case of either one passing
away. In short, there is no position for such a Nikah in our Deen.
(Fatâwâ Mahmûdiyyâ p. 250 v.16)